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With 20+ years combined experience in Law Enforcement, Military and Executive Protection we have decided to share our expertise with companies and individuals challenged by today's changing climate of safety and security.  Unfortunately, these ever changing times make it necessary for our clients to be intentional about safety and security for their customers, staff, students and families!  Talk to us today about how we can define your solution, mitigate any vulnerabilities, and help your team live, work and thrive in a secured environment.

Our Approach

 Our services begin with an honest assessment of your current environment.  Understanding your mission and how best we can serve and protect you while completing that quest. This process begins with a candid conversation about your safety profile now and where you would you need to be for the future. We will help you identify shortcomings that may exist in your current environment, build a comprehensive report that will outline our plan for success including but not limited to, infrastructure evaluation, current safety protocols, and a plan for growth based on your mission.  We also offer staff training and documentation that will help you start the journey or strengthen your current staff. 

Why Us?

You’re not just another client but you’re another partner, or colleague.  We would like to think we are ALL in this together, protecting each other and being “our brother’s or sister’s keeper”.  Protecting our partners, helping them implement a plan or strategy that makes their  business more effective and safe in their field of expertise.   We build relationships by providing exceptional safety and security consulting and church security.  When you choose us, you choose a partner not a line on an expense sheet.

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